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Michaela A. Lipscomb   In the photo, Michaela is wearing "Million $ Vermillion" nail polish to compliment her style

Michaela A. Lipscomb

In the photo, Michaela is wearing "Million $ Vermillion" nail polish to compliment her style


Who is Michaela?

Michaela is a 27 year old woman who loves everything about nail polish. She currently serves in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma as a Drill Sergeant in Basic Combat Training. She is married to another service member with three dogs, a Yorkshire terrier,  toy poodle, and a blue nose pit bull. In 2014, upon redeployment back to the United States from Bahrain, she wanted to incorporate and share things that she loved with anyone who would be willing to accept. One of those things was nail polish. She began making her own polish soon after she realized it was something she truly wanted to pursue. She spent countless amount of time working on this project by hand, until she took a huge risk and found a manufacturer to help get her competitive idea of a business started. As a child, she would change the color of her nail polish on her hands and toes every single day with the nail polish kit her mother made for her. Since then, she has always loved the different shades of polish to wear. Her drive came from her love of polish being suppressed because of being in the service where she cannot where nail polish on her hands. She took, and continues to take the risk of sharing this lifelong dream of hers with as many as she can. That risk of establishing a beautiful nail polish line for all people of the world who is willing to share it with her. She is currently expanding her line to offer more products than just nail polish to meet the needs of everyone’s beauty hacks.

About Ah-Vi Cosmetics

 Our nail products are unique compared to the traditional nail polish because we offer 5-free products. That means our products do not contain the popular 5 toxic ingredients of formaldehyde, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate. These toxins are known to have negative side effects if exposed to for extended periods of time. Being that our nails are extremely porous when wet, these chemicals have an easy entry into our system when nail polish is worn. Using our products ensures you are protected from such chemicals all while rocking a bomb manicure! On top of having stylish colors that suit every season, we also provide cuticle and skin oil to keep those nails and skin glowing and growing. Our handcrafted cuticle and skin oil contains all natural ingredients and essential oils. Our ingredients list are all amazing ingredients that you can pronounce! While we have nail polishes, nail treatments, cuticle and skin oils, we are looking to introduce more amazing products to our customer base for all of their beauty and skin needs.