April's Giveaway!

It's almost that time yall! Have you even entered into the giveaway to win some awesome items and amazing products? Well you are most definitely running out of time. Check the rules below and to see the items you could win! 


Lavender Cuticle Skin Oil

Well hello! Our cuticle and skin oil is finally in our online store! I know you're excited! I am super excited to share it with you guys! It is truly amazing stuff. 

So this past weekend I came down with a head cold. I woke up Saturday morning super stuffy, runny nose, scratchy throat...the whole shebang. By noon, my nose became raw, which is the worst thing because my nose wouldn't stop running. Well, I decided to experiment a little bit...

My mind began to wonder what would happen if I used some of the oil on my nose to soothe to rawness. Then I was like, nah, probably wouldn't work. But then I wanted to try it anyway. So I did. LET. ME. TELL. YOU! That was the best thing I could have done! By the second time I rubbed it on my nose, my nose felt like normal again! FREAKING AMAZING!

Here's exactly what I did to the tee:

     Every time I blew my nose, I rubbed the oil on it. I stopped using toilet tissue/Kleenex tissue to blow my nose and used baby wipes instead. It made a huge difference! Even though I started using baby wipes, my nose was still sore and raw. That's when I decided to rub the cuticle and skin oil on my nose to see how it worked out. TAA-DAA! Raw nose be gone!!

It really is that good! I hope you will try it for yourself. Not when you are feeling under the weather, but actually for your cuticles and skin. See the REAL results on our social media sites!

Facebook: Ah-Vi Nails; Instagram: @ahvicosmetics; Twitter: @ahvicosmetics


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New Nail Product or Nah???

Hey yall! Long time no speak? I've definitely missed you guys. I have been UBER busy lol (not uber driving, I just like that word.) Why have I been AWOL? Let me explain...

As most of you know, well at least the ones that follow Ah-Vi, I've been in school for about two months and got back home about three weeks ago. While I was in school I had a bunch of ideas swarming around in my head about where I want to take Ah-Vi, and new products I can introduce to you guys. AND GOOD ONES TOO!

I don't even know where to start, but all I can say is that I'm UBER excited!

Starting April 1st, I am introducing to you a new product that is handmade by me. I created this product because not only do I want to provide for you all bomb manicure colors that are safe for you, but also products that are going to take your nails and skin to a new level. Our new cuticle and skin oil is absolutely amazing! I'm not just saying that either.

Before introducing this product to the world, I tested it out for myself on myself. If you follow our FB and IG pages you can see the results. This cuticle oil has reconstructed my entire cuticles and skin around my nails. Ah-Vi's cuticle oil contains oils and essential oils that promote growth, strengthening properties, and healthy skin and nails. You can even use it on other parts of your body. I use it for my toes, soles of my feet, knees and elbows. I even use it on my husband. Now you know its real! Men HATE skin care seems like lol.

Stay tuned for when it's made available on our website. It really is good stuff. It's actually a gem in all honesty. Save the date! 

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Ah-Vi and Twitter?

Hello there! Guess what? Ah-Vi is now on twitter! Remember our conversations about brand awareness and such? Well, we have finally came around to the idea of starting a twitter account. 

Now, this idea was presented to us by a few of our friends and we shrugged it off. Actually, we flat out said NO! Who has time to be constantly on twitter all freaking day? Not Michaela. Guess what tho? With a business that absolutely needs to establish some sort of foundation of brand awareness, we'll take it. 

It's been a couple of months since we first said no, but now we see it as another outreach to meet new people, learn new things, and to reach more people. With that being said, make sure you follow us on twitter if you're a tweeting junkie and refer us to your buddies. If you're not on twitter and know someone who is, make sure you mention us! Thank you Ahh-Vi fans! :)

Twitter: @ahvicosmetics


Greetings Ah-Vi fans! Long time no speak. I am still in Lawton, Oklahoma getting my schooling on. I have about a week left I will be back home! Yayyyyy! There is so much I want to do when I get back and a whole lot more I can do with the resources back home to enhance the greatness of Ah-Vi. A lot of those ideas and things I would like to do will be coming from you. Yes. You.

As I have stated before, starting a business from scrizaaatttcchhh is one of the most difficult things to do...one of the most difficult things I have done and continue to do. Brand awareness is literally EVERYTHING when it comes to business. If people don't know about you, how can you truly succeed? Well, that's where you come along. I need your help.

Establishing brand awareness is an ongoing project. One of the marketing strategies that I have pondering in my brain is promotional giveaways. So the question that I ask you is, what types of things would you like to see given away? What things or products would you like for yourself to win or be given for free? Now, this doesn't necessarily have to be any of Ah-Vi's products. It could be literally anything. A chance to win cash? A t-shirt? Make-up? You tell me.

Comment below or shoot us an email at ahvinails@gmail.com, or send us a DM on our Facebook or Instagram page and we will most definitely respond.

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Is He the Coolest Monkey In the Jungle?

H&M advertised a young black boy in a hooded top with the words "coolest monkey in the jungle" that first appeared in Britain. They have since issued an apology saying they believe in diversity and inclusion in all that they do.

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Year 2018 is Upon Us!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! So, I'm sure you all brought in the New Year on a great note, and if not, that's ok. You have new opportunities every single day you open your eyes for the first time of the day. For those of you that brought the New Year in partying the night away with lots of tequila, vodka shots, and amazing friends, great! And, for those of us that stayed in to chill with our families or even chill by ourselves because we were too lazy to put on anything besides pajamas, that's great too! 

Now for the New Year comes a new set of goals and resolutions of course. For me personally, a few goals that I have set for myself is to read 30-35 books this year, get more fit, and save as much as I can for a down-payment on my first home. Business wise, for Ah-Vi, my goals are to continue to establish brand awareness as much as I can, generate more sales using our online store, and sale to a few nail local nail salons. You all know what that means...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! However, I love doing this. It does get frustrating, overwhelming, scary all over again, tiring, and a whole lot of other things, but it is so worth it. Why? Because I am finally working on a dream in which I didn't even think I had the capability in getting the physical products between my fingers! Yes! Fear captivated me since 2014! 

Well now that I have told you a few of my personal and business goals for this fabulous year, what are some of yours? 

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Volunteers to Sample Our Products

Yesterday evening I decided that I was going to message everyone I knew that would be willing to sample one of our polishes or treatments, and write a review on it. Well, my messaging range of people went from a few online celebrities, nail salons all over the world, and a few nail technicians. At this point, I am humble enough to know that I can't bring my brand to its full capacity alone.

Another method I used, which I'm surprised anyone even commented on it, was a Facebook post I posted on my personal account with these words....verbatim: "Who's willing to test out my polish or nail treatments, and write a review? Don't all speak at once lol *emoji eyes*" Now, any other time I share or post something about my business on my page, it seems as if no one pays attention. I get no comments, likes, shares....nothing. Maybe it was because it's free?

Nonetheless, regardless of how I may feel about that, I will remain open minded to learn from others whether it is directly, or indirectly. Plus, we are a beginner business that will use anything that others are willing to give, to help us. Even down to simply writing a review on the product. Every little thing counts when you are beginning a business. And from the bottom of my heart, it is appreciated!

Customer Appreciation is a MUST!

It's amazing that businesses have loyalty programs. One of my favorites is Starbucks! Who doesn't love Starbucks, besides my husband? He's a Dunkin' fan. Anyways, I am coming up with many ideas on how I want to run the loyalty program with Ah-Vi. A lot of ideas have been circling in my head by what I like, asking you all what you like in loyalty programs, and research. At the end of the day, customers need to feel appreciated. I mean, we shop faithfully with certain businesses we love, so the least they can do (besides take our money), is show us a little gratitude, right?

So, on top of our holiday giveaway, we are sending out little tokens of our appreciation to our first and existing customers we have. Why? Because they were the first people to support us by purchasing our product. For that reason alone with being a new business is really enough to show them our appreciation. 

To all of you that have purchased any of our products, you will be receiving a small package in the mail, hopefully before Christmas. All packages will be shipped tomorrow, 15 December.



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Ah-Vi's 1st Holiday Giveaway

Hi guys! So last week we did our first holiday giveaway. 'Tis the season, right? Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE holiday. Everything about the season brings me so much joy. In my household, all of the Christmas decorations are put up the day after Thanksgiving (my second favorite holiday). 

Well, being that we are a brand new company, a small business rather, it is very important that we build a customer base with good report. I'm a strong believer in establishing trust amongst the people I interact with, and that means my customers too. So, I decided to couple my favorite holiday, the season of giving, and a strategy establish good report. A HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!

Giving isn't something I'm new too. I loved giving since I was a child because of my childhood teachings and experiences. Last week, I did a raffle drawing Monday, and Wednesday. Friday's gift would be given to whoever was the first individual to send in a photo of them wearing one of our product's, uses the hashtag "ahvi", and tags us in it. Well, no one won that gift because no one participated. We only had one winner, because the Monday night's winner didn't redeem his free gift within the time limit. Bummer. 

So as of now, we still have two gifts left to giveaway during the world known season of giving. It is definitely hard bringing about brand awareness, letting others know you have a dream business that you want to thrive, but people are skeptical about. But, guess what? It will not stop me from bringing this dream to complete life! 

With that being said, we will do another raffle drawing for the OPI "heartbreaker" mini-set, and figure our another fun game, so to speak, to draw up a winner for the Daisy DND matching gel and polish set. It's so  beautiful and frosty looking. The name of the color is "Frozen Wave" AMAZING!

If you all have any ideas or suggestions, please by all means let me know. I very open minded, and would love to hear feedback from you. My first question to you guys is, what ways should I do giveaways? Is the raffle drawing good, should I make a game out of it? Post your thoughts below. Good day everyone!

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